Alex its four in the morn. Go to bed.

Are all dragons just cats related to cats?

Because ye.


Remember those swiffer commercials where the broom was like in love and in the background they would play ‘who’s that lady’ and it was just

That boat is destroyed. The sail isnt able to catch a wind.

Unless the boat had a rutter, its be impossible to sail,

Agian, buddy as an affectionate and or endearing term is amazing. I love the word buddy.


"they’re your family you have to love them"


Hiccup is a dragon whisperer.

Defeating dragons with affection. the worst kind of way to be defeated.

Whya re all dragons scared of eels?

Maybe their all allergic

Where the heckie do you get that much fish…

Also how did Hiccup build that in one night. He must have pulled an all nighter, because that would take skull to build a tail.

Lady Satsuki - Kamui Junketsu

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