My dad knows about, and likes animal crossing.

I found that so amazing and kind of sweet.

I got to go on a walk tonight.

I was in a new town.

Has anyone had this?



Cause I’ve gotten this a lot when dudes talk to me about video games. Like they’ll ask me a library of video games I’ve played like:

Have you played/beaten Ocarina of Time? Yes

Have you played/beaten Half-Life? Yes

Have you played/beaten Golden Eye? Yes

Have you played/beaten Castlevania? More than you have

Have you played/beaten Mass Effect? Yes

Have you played Call of Duty? No

^”Oh well then you really haven’t played that much have you?”

Cause really this happens a lot :/


Case - Bad Day [Daniel Powter]
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I was messing around on piano and figured this song out from memory so i recorded a quick cover

it’s probably in the wrong key or something and i can’t remember the lyrics very well.

Static is in Intermis!

Also making friends with Sable is the current goal.

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Just in case it’s not raining where you live, here’s the regular version too.


Trying to stay drawing~ Whether it’s chibi or not it’s still something!


Trying to stay drawing~ Whether it’s chibi or not it’s still something!

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Better than I know myself



Hi fandom my name is satan nice to meet you

Nylocke has a dream, the ghost of which haunts him


Dedicated to luccicute

Listen to the song by the same name when reading this it hurts a lot more.

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Aw dang.

Though Nylocke lives in Knutsford, which is about four hours north of Essex.

Great stuff though! <3